True Cinnamon, Cinnamomum Verum, is native to Sri Lanka. Thanks to unique conditions of our tropical island (soil, sun, high humidity, wind, fresh air) it is a product of highest quality among cinnamons around the world. Its high level of essential oils influences on delicious sweet taste and great smell.
Cinnamon is mostly used in cooking and baking. Cinnamon is a versatile spice which can be added to any food item such as salads, confectionaries, beverages, soups, stews and sauces. Cinnamon drink made by immersing pieces of bark in hot water is popular among Latin American countries. Cinnamon flavored tea is becoming popular. It is also used as a common ingredient in Chinese ad Aurvedic medicine. Cinnamon leaf and bark oils are used to flavor food products, in perfumery industry and in pharmaceutical industry.
Cinnamon bark is largely available in the forms of quills and making quills is unigue for Sri Lanka. Quills are made by rolling the pealed bark and join several of them together to get a pipe like structure in the required lenghts. The more thin is quill, the higher its quality. The top of the top of quills is type Alba which is permanently at Ceylonka offer.
Latest aboratory food test of Ceylonka cinnamon shows no kumarin as its element, it is a great news which makes this product very healthy. The report can be delivered to buyers during offer’s process.
Ceylonka delivers cinnamon quills and powder without any chemical preservatives. Expiry date takes 1 year since day of its productions.
Because of our experience that European Clients have difficulties how to recognise True Cinnamon and Cassia (widely cultivated in: India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, China) this below photos shows their main look. The difference is not only issue of appearance but also huge different of taste and level of cumarin.

Specifications for cinnamon quills

Grade Diameter (max. mm) Min. no. of 42” long quills per kg % rough quills per kg % rough quills per kg Max. % of single quality quills per bail
Alba 6 45 None 200 1
Continental (C )
C00000 Sp. 6 35 10 200 1
C00000 10 31 10
C0000 13 24 10
C000 16 22 15
C00 17 20 20
C0 19 18 25
Mexican (M)
M00000Sp. 16 22 50 200 2
M00000 16 22 60
M0000 19 18 60
Hamburg (H) 19 18 60
H1 23 11 25 150 3
H2 25 9 40
38 7 60


  • Packing: 10g, 20g, 50g, 1k, 5 kg, 20kg
  • Type of product: powder or quilss
  • Kind of packing: food foil, boxes, sacks or any others on request of Client

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